InBody Academy is designed for you and your team

Simple to follow online courses, which can be monitored by the team leader to ensure all employees are completing the InBody Academy content, thus ensuring everyone is able to deliver InBody to a set standard.  

InBody produces medically graded products and it is important that everyone who uses the products fully understand, are competent and confident with the machines potential, result interpretation and analysis. 

The courses follow a simple flow; InBody The Start, InBody Basics, InBody 570/770 and InBody Medical. It is advised that the InBody The Start and InBody Basics are compulsory and completed prior to offering InBody to clients.  

Courses available


InBody The Start

A simple to follow modular based reading course, that ensures you can get started and understand the product, setup, and FAQ’s.

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InBody Basics

A quiz based modular course which has been designed to test your knowledge on BIA and how InBody works. This is a fundamental course to be completed prior to seeing any clients or customers.

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InBody Advanced 570 / 770

Designed for customers that have the InBody 570 or 770. The course covers advanced questions to aid improved knowledge and interpretation of the results sheets.

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InBody Advanced Medical

A question-based course that covers InBody in the medical sense. This course is updated to continue to aid learning on the benefits and application of InBody in the Medical world.

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“InBody Academy courses have been designed to support and educate our customers. We know that knowledge is power and for that reason we feel that to offer this content, will provide the best possible understanding of our products”

Francesca Cooper InBody UK Sales Director

“Embrace the tests, play with the PDFs, download the research papers… We invite you to learn everything you can about InBody to help you get the most out of our products to provide the best and most accurate service for your patience, clients and customers”

Team InBody UK

InBody has over 2000 research studies!

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