The Health & Fitness market

InBody is the pinnacle of body composition products for the health & fitness market.

Delivering medically graded products to the industry, providing accurate, comprehensive and meaningful results for your clientele.

Built on reputation and excellence, InBody is dedicated to inspiring people and motivating them to lead a healthier life.

Health & Fitness products

Modern, quick and non-invasive

“The old school testing for body composition is invasive and you cannot guarantee 100% reliability of the results. With InBody, 15 seconds, non-invasive and we can get all the information we need”

BXR London

Incorporating InBody to regular assessments is key

We are now incorporating the InBody as part of our regular goal setting and reviews. Trying to educate people to understand that scale weight isn’t as important as composition. The InBody allows us to use quantifiable data to help members reach their goals.

CrossFit Bermondsey

InBody has over 2000 research studies.

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