InBody Advanced 570/770

Helping you to understand more

The course modules allow for greater interpretation of the results produced by the InBody 570 & 770, providing further knowledge to help educate you to provide the best advice and experience to your customer, patient or client.

The course covers; Water, Phase Angle and Segmental Analysis in an easy to follow multiple choice questions. The three modules need to be completed to receive the certificate to this course.

The key skills you’ll learn


The course will give you confidence in how to interpret the results of the InBody 570 & 770.

Product Knowledge

Provide insight into how certain aspects of the results affect the body and how it relates to the client.

Advanced Learning

The course allows for those with the InBody 570 & 770 to utilise the product to its full potential.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for those customers with an InBody 570 or 770. Insightful and easy to complete modules. Click Find Out More to view the relevant products for each sector:

Course duration

45 minutes

Total course duration

There is no pre-reading material for this course, it is about your own knowledge and you will need to seek the answers to encourage self learning for this Advanced section. You will need to have completed the other courses (The Start and The Basics) prior to doing this course.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I complete this course?

The InBody 570 and 770 are advanced products and we want to ensure you have the best knowledge to interpret the results sheets.

Do I need to complete the InBody The Start and the InBody Basics, prior to doing this course?

Yes, the education platform has been designed so that all customers of InBody complete the courses in order. This way we can support everyone, by providing them with the most up to date and accurate information, to ensure that the InBody is fully understood and our customers can in hand provide your customer/clients and patients with the best knowledge and experience.

Is there an exam with this one?

Yes, the Advanced Product course has three exams. These cover three modules; Water, Phase Angle and Segmental Analysis. All the answers on these can be found in the reading material provided in the The Basics course, this is why it is important to complete the courses in order.

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