InBody Basics

Learn the InBody basics to ensure you are educated in the product, BIA and the systems

A seven modular bite size course. Each module will test your knowledge and awareness of InBody and how it works, as well as the fundamental basics of BIA and the product you have purchased.

The course is a quiz style with multiple choice questions, which allow you to ensure you hit 100% before you can move to the next module. Some of the modules are read only, but the detail within this will ensure your understanding is at a level where you can be confident you can deliver the best to your clientele and customers. 

The key skills you’ll learn

Understand BIA 

BIA is important to understand in the context of InBody. The course will provide a basic insight and understanding of this. 

Understand body composition and muscle fat  

InBody is a medical device that requires a basic understanding of body composition to ensure correct interpretation of the results. 

Product knowledge 

Each product has been included within the course so that you can select the relevant product and learn the basics. 

InBody integrations 

InBody has many additional features, from an app, online managements (LookinWeb) and connection to third party partners. The course will help you understand these and how they work.

Who is this course for?

This course is compulsory to help understand InBody and BIA. Insightful and easy to complete modules. Click Find Out More to view the relevant products for each sector:

Course duration

30 mins

Pre reading

This should take approximately 30 minutes to work though and digest. This can be revisited as necessary during the course. 

45 mins

Modules 3 – 5 

These should take approximately 45 minutes to complete. However, you can leave at any time.

20 mins

Modules 6-7

Each module will take approximately ten minutes. 

10 mins 

Final details

Review all downloaded content and save accordingly for future reference. 

Screenshots of the course

Frequently asked questions

Which modules have an exam?

Modules 1 – 5 have exams. Modules 6 and 7 are reference content only but you will need to click through the full content for these modules, which are to be marked as complete to receive the course completion certificate. 

Do I need to complete the InBody The Start, in order to complete InBody Basics?

Yes, you will not be able to move onto the next course until the previous one has been completed. 

Is there an exam for InBody The Start?

No, there are no exams in InBody The Start course, it is detailed starting guide for when you receive InBody and to ensure you are ready to commence learning. 

Why should I complete these?

InBody is a medically graded product range. It is therefore it is important to fully understand the results, how it works and ensure it is set up correctly prior to using the InBody with clients/customers. At InBody our focus is on education and we want to provide our customers with the best resources available for them to make InBody a success and fundamental to the service you provide. 

I am a manager and need to be able to see who out of my team has completed each course, is this possible?

Yes, when you are set up with the InBody Academy you will be asked who you manage, the system will then allow you access to progress and results of each of your team members. Team members will not be able to see other people’s results, just their own. 

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